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Ecuador: Under Threat of Mining

A clear overview of the current situation in Ecuador, showing maps of current mining concessions and how they interact with remnant forest throughout the Andes. This is why we are making Marrow of the Mountain.


Directed by: Dylan Stirewalt & Solange Yépez
Cinematography by: Antonella Carrasco, Clay Kruse, Dylan Stirewalt & Solange Yépez
Produced and Edited by: Roo Vandegrift
Music by: Ben Hamilton
Additional Footage from: David Nicastro, Jacky Poon & Carlos Zorilla
GIS data provided by: OMASNE
Cartography by: Roo Vandegrift

This video made possible with generous support from the National Geographic Society, the Rainforest Information Centre, OMASNE, MiningWatch Canada, and the generous support of all our backers on Kickstarter.